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Design Solutions for Engineered Solders

Today’s technology simplifies the translation of an idea into a design.  A drawing can be dimensioned in an instant. Thermal models and strength of materials calculations predict the reliability of a solder joint before a single part is made. However, before we get to that point we must first define the goal, then backtrack into the design challenges that must be addressed to achieve that goal. 

Many times I find the most productive discussions occur during the initial call with a customer. This is when ideas are free flowing, and brainstorming results in a potential solution.  Indium engineers are having these discussions 24/7 around the world and share these insights with one another continuously. The result is a database rich with information covering many industries and challenges. While most soldering applications are not the same, the principles of soldering are. Leveraging our vast database, as well as contacting us directly is an essential tool to help realize the goal of your design.

This database covers a wide range of applications such as:

  • Power Device Attach
  • QFN Void Reduction
  • Thermal Interface Material selection
  • LED assembly
  • Flux Coatings , featuring LV1000  < click here to learn more!


To find exactly what you're looking for, here's where to look:


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Consider Indium Corporation to be an essential resource for meeting your design goals.