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Durafuse® LT - RF Shielding

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  • What does Durafuse® LT - a low-temperature solder have to do with RF shielding?

    Well, an RF (Radio Frequency) shield in a cell phone or computer is a piece of conductive metal that blocks electromagnetic waves (radio waves) from getting through and interacting with whatever is behind it. This is great; it is a critical piece that makes our modern electronics work

    Low-temperature solder, like Durafuse® LT, comes into play when a manufacturer needs to attach the shields. If the circuit board has a lot of extra space, maybe the shield can be clipped into place after all the other components are connected. Of course, for mobile phones, space is at a premium. The RF shield still needs to be attached though, and Durafuse® LT can attach an RF using a reflow profile with a peak temperature of 200-210℃, and it has those same great drop shock properties I keep bringing up. 

    Quick heads up! When using any solder for an RF shield attach application, make sure to let us know what metal the shield is made out of, as not every flux wets equally well to every shield material, and wetting is essential for a good solder joint

    Some shields are effective against swords and arrows; others block radiation that we cannot even see. Still, one of these shields has a much bigger impact than the other on our day to day life and unfortunately (fortunately?), it doesn't come with chain mail or plate armor.