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Fortify Your RF Shield Connections, One Solder Fortification Preform at a Time

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  • As I covered in a previous post, Solder Fortification solder preforms can be applied to solder paste to ensure sufficient solder joint volume.  So, where exactly can you use these solder preforms to create a huge impact?  One application is securing RF shields on our mobile devices.  RF (radio frequency) shields are a type of electromagnetic shielding that blocks radio frequency electromagnetic radiation.

    The stencils used within the mobile device tend to be thin, thus limiting the amount of solder paste that can be applied, often leaving large deposits solder-starved (sound familiar?).  Indium’s Solder Fortification preforms allow for convenient, automated addition of specific volumes of solder without having to modify the stencil design.  If necessary, more than one Solder Fortification preform can be applied to achieve the desired solder volume.  This added solder volume aids in the prevention of failures from drop-shock due to insufficient connections.

    Indium’s Solder Fortification now gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Shock test!” when you drop your phone…again.

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