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  • Phil Zarrow: This video is for people using Gallium Trichloride in their products. It will cover the benefits of using EZ-Pour™ Gallium Trichloride to simplify their processes. 
    Indium Corporation's come out with EZ-Pour™ Gallium Trichloride. How is this a revolutionary product?
    Robert Ploessl: EZ-Pour™ addresses some of the operational challenges with Gallium Trichloride. As you know, it's solid at room temperature and, of course, it's very corrosive, so it's very hard to handle. It's difficult to get this material into a reactor. EZ-Pour™ addresses this by taking the Gallium Trichloride material that has a consistency roughly like peanut butter and granulates it, makes it into little solid granules just like your breakfast cereal that you can pour out of the carton. These granules do not stick together and they freely flow, hence the name EZ-Pour™, into a reactor or wherever you want to use the material. This could be inside the glove box or whatever the chemical processes our customers want to do with it.
    Phil Zarrow: Tell us a little bit about some of the users you've worked with of this particular, the EZ-Pour™ approach.
    Robert Ploessl: Gallium Trichloride is used as a material that goes into the electrolyte of a class of batteries that are called thionyl chloride batteries. They're very high energy density. They're used in remote applications, down hole oil exploration and such. The manufacturers of these batteries love that they can take Gallium Trichloride in a very small batch size and they don't have to use the traditional solvents that are used in the industry. We find the material lends itself very well in this industry to small to medium batch size operations.
    Phil Zarrow: Good. Where can we get more information on this?
    Robert Ploessl: The website is a great place to start. There is a Gallium Trichloride page on there which contains a video of the EZ-Pour™ material that shows you how as you tilt the bottle, the material freely flows inside.  You can reach me at my email address right there at that page.
    Phil Zarrow: Robert, thank you so very much.
    Robert Ploessl: You're welcome.
    Phil Zarrow: Appreciate it.