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Gold-Indium (AuIn) Alloys for High-Reliability Braze Solutions

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  • Phil Zarrow: Jim, we know you're an indium guy, but you also have an interest in gold as well.
    Jim Hisert: I do. I brought a little bit of both today.
    Phil Zarrow: Panning for gold. Very good. What happens when we combine your two keen interests there, indium and gold?
    Jim Hisert: As you can tell from the indium, which is a couple bars, you can go ahead and bend them if you want.
    Phil Zarrow: Bends steels with his bare hands. Bends indium in his bare hands.
    Jim Hisert: A lot of people know gold is pretty soft. Indium is, obviously, as you can see, very soft. When you put the two together they're very hard. That interests me, not just for the fact that it's a hard alloy, but because it opens up the world of applications for that type of material. That would fall into the brazing category. You put these two soft metals together, you get a very hard alloy that can be used for higher-reliability applications.
    Jim Hisert: We've listened to our customers' requests for gold-indium alloys because they fit the right temperature range. They have high-reliability properties that they're looking for, and no one could do a great job with that alloy. We've put a lot of development to make sure that we can process, and we can make ribbon and preforms out of the gold-indium alloy.
    Phil Zarrow: There have been a lot of potential applications out there that were waiting for this to come along to be fulfilled, if you will.
    Jim Hisert: Right, and there's still a lot more.
    Phil Zarrow: That's great; very, very good. Essentially, bring your imagination, your ideas and thoughts to Jim. Jim, how can they reach you?
    Jim Hisert:  They can always reach me at They can always go to the Indium Blog where we talk about indium in general and sometimes gold-indium alloys and also the website,
    Phil Zarrow: Great. Bring them on. Jim, pleasure.
    Jim Hisert: Always.
    Phil Zarrow: Thank you.
    Jim Hisert: Thank you.

    Co-authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert