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  • Dave Letterman, of late night talk show host fame, has made the Top Ten List a popular vehicle for comedy, but it is also often used to convey useful information in an easy to read format.  I have read a lot of these lists in my time, and it is always fun to see one that talks about a topic near and dear to my heart...indium metal.


    Shea Gunther of Mother Nature Network recently wrote a blog entitled Top Ten Elements Crucial to Modern Life That You Have Never Heard Of.  And the top two are gallium and indium, both metals that we work with quite extensively at the Indium Corporation.

    Now I have to admit the other eight were fairly new to me, and a few I had trouble pronouncing.  But these lesser-known metals are used in everyday objects like computers, headphones, batteries, solar and wind applications, and lasers.  Shea listed a few key applications for indium, but there are so many more!  Click over to our web site and take a look at all the advantages of using indium.

    Indium Plays a Key Role in Technology

    Indium as a Thermal Interface

    Using Indium for Cryogenic Sealing

    Low Temperature Alloys


    And if gallium is what piques your interest, we can help you there, as well.