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High Temperature Product offering for Laser and Optical package manufacturing

  • Die Attach
  • Hermetic Sealing

  • As the use of lasers has become more economical and mainstream in manufacturing, we see them making their way into new industries. Today, lasers are capable of cutting steel with ease, as well as other metal applications such as welding and brazing in the automotive industry. Similarly, the number of applications in the medical field is growing, from hair removal to surgical cuts and Lasik eye correction.

    Depending on the job the laser needs to perform, the amount of power needed can vary greatly - from cutting 1 inch steel to excising thin soldering preforms. With Indium Corporation’s experience working with laser manufacturers, we know each of their product is unique to the end use. So, we have a number of alloys to cover the range of temperature requirements. We offer these solders and brazes in various forms to best fit your process from preforms to solder paste.

    Indium offers high temperature brazes and solders for bonding critical hermetic joints on these kovar package assemblies.

    For the companies that populate these hermetic packages, the typical use is an 80Au20Sn eutectic alloy for die-attach bonding the diode pump and other components on the ceramic substrate.

    • AuSn preforms are used when the bond needs low voiding and good thermal conductivity to transfer heat from semiconductor. Voids in the bonds interface create hot spots which cause failures.
    • AuSn solder paste is typically used on small components to be held in place during the reflow process, because of the tackiness of the solder paste. Indium offers the AuSn paste in water wash, no-clean, and RMA fluxes.


    Indium offers high temperature brazes and solders for bonding critical hermetic joint on these kovar package assemblies.

    • Glass to metal seals: we have a tool library of 1,000’s of different size washers to choose from.
    • Base to frame joints: we offer traditional frame preforms and our new product Capillary Blocks®. They work similar to cut wire, but are square to stay in place during reflow.
    Technical support: we have experienced engineers who help reflow profiles and help troubleshoot problems you might be having. Please reach out to us on the next project and we can come on-site and help with evaluations.