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IGBT Assembly - Indium8.9LDA Solder Paste

The Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) module is rapidly taking over from MOSFET technology as the solid-state power switch of choice. Die-attach to the direct-bonded copper (DBC) substrate is often done by using a solder paste, or occasionally a specially-shaped solder preform.

Prime drivers for the IGBT die-attach solder assembly process are:
- High thermal and electrical conductivity
- Ultralow voiding (<0.5%)
- 100% cleanability
- Pb-free

This obviously means a wise choice of materials (substrates and solder paste) and both the correct reflow equipment (vacuum soldering is typical, to ensure low voiding) and a 100% effective cleaning process before wirebonding, are all key factors in optimized assembly.

The Indium8.9-LDA solder paste has been developed over the last year, in association with industry leaders in the soldering equipment, cleaning and module-manufacturing fields, to meet the specific needs of global IGBT module manufacturers.
We have both the material, and the data to prove its usefulness.

Yet another example of Indium Corporation leading the Pb-free charge in the Power Semiconductor industry.

- Andy