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In-Circuit Testing with Fast-Break Residue No-Clean Solder Paste

Phil Zarrow: This video is for those interested in In-Circuit Test, ICT, with no-clean solder paste. 
Glen, one of the challenges since the inception of no-clean as we know it, has been in-circuit testing? What are some of the new approaches Indium Corporation is taking toward ICT?
Glen Thomas: We have released a new product, but first let me talk about the fundamental way we do things today, all right? It has to do with the no-clean flux residue. The more traditional approach is you have a soft, pliable residue and when you make the ICT test insertion with a probe you're able to penetrate that soft residue, you make electrical contact to the solder, you verify the circuit's good or not. The probe comes out and you move onto the next test. 
That works well for many applications; however, inherently a soft, pliable residue sometimes will build up on a probe. When that occurs, over time, you build up so much you're no longer able to make good insertion, especially on the first pass or at all. You end up with a yield degradation, false calls, etc. which means you might have to either chemically or mechanically clean those probes.
We've taken a different approach for our new product, the Indium10.2HF, and we've rather than a soft, pliable residue now we've moved on to a brittle, fast-break residue so that as the probe comes down the residue that's on the surface breaks away, allows the insertion to occur correctly, doesn't build up on the probe, so you have less residue build-up and over time you can still use that probe for many more insertions.
Phil Zarrow: Fascinating topic. Glen, where can we get more information on this?
Glen Thomas: As always you can go to our website or you can send us an email directly at
Phil Zarrow: Glen, thank you very much.
Glen Thomas: Thank you. Good talking to you, Phil.


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