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Indium Corporation’s Heat-Spring® Wins Innova Award for Best Technology

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  • Indium Corporation has won the Innova Award for Best Technology for its Heat-Spring® metallic thermal interface material (TIM).


    Heat-Spring is a clean, high-performance thermal solution for the increasing demands of high brightness LEDs. It is a compressible metal foil with proven performance in such demanding environments as electronics, aerospace, and power devices.


    The compressible TIM provides low thermal resistance as a result of its high thermal conductivity (86W/m-K) and its ability to conform intimately to interface surfaces.


    Unlike other thermal interface materials, such as thermal grease that bakes out, dries out, or pumps out during use, the thermal resistance of the Heat-Spring continues to improve with time and power cycling.


    According to Jordan Ross, Market Manager for Thermal Materials, “Indium Corporation is honored to be recognized with the Innova Award for our patented Heat-Spring product. With its patented compressible interface design, Heat-Spring provides optimized surface contact, superior thermal conductivity, and enhanced heat flow.”


    Sponsored by LED Journal, the Innova Awards feature leading companies within the LED market which have shown, through their products and services, the most innovative and advanced technology breakthroughs in LEDs. The award is designed to recognize companies each year for industry leadership, product development excellence, best new technology, and outstanding LED applications, which will eventually lead to the widespread adoption of LED technology in the marketplace.

    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert