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Indium Recovery – Indium Corporation’s Role in Increasing Global Supply

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  • Indium recovery refers to the salvage (extraction) of indium metal from various indium-contained products or processes that consume the material (sealing, deposition, plating, etc.).

    This is important as a pre-recycling step for most materials, but it is especially important for indium since physical vapor deposition methods are, in general, quite inefficient. In some cases, sputtering deposits only 3 out of 10 grams of material onto the substrate – creating a need/opportunity to recover the other 70%. Flat panel display manufacturing is currently the largest consumer of indium; it employs physical vapor deposition of ITO (indium tin oxide) to form up to 4 transparent and conductive layers. The recovery from this process alone offers re-introduction of around 50% of the indium volume.

    We help bring spent indium materials back ‘online’ by recovering the material you send to us. If you have indium material you would like to recover, contact us. For more information on which materials we reclaim, please visit this page on our website.