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Indium3.2HF Solder Paste for SIP Assembly

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  • Sze Pei Lim: The typical challenges SiP customers are facing is because when they pack more of the components into a tiny space, components are getting smaller and the gap between the two laboring components is getting smaller. Any chances of slump of the solder paste that they use may cause bridging, and tiny deposit of solder paste may cause graping issue or wetting issue. They have to really control the reflow condition well to have a good wetting. The Indium3.2HF has been very consistent. The stability of the product is very good throughout the long printing cycles even up to eight hours of stencil life, the good wetting of the solder paste.
    It's water-wash so that after the reflow the residue will be clean away, and it can be clean easily just with water. No added chemicals are involved. 
    Water-wash solder paste, especially for the very small CSP that is attached inside this SiP package, they have to achieve a certain void level control. This solder paste can really achieve good voiding, less than 10% or 20% easily, without much optimization that needs to be done. All the information of the products can be found in, our website.