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Innovative Braze Product for Hi-Rel Hermetic Package Manufacturing

  • Hermetic Sealing


    In past you had two options cut wire or frame preforms, and now there’s a third option: Capillary Blocks®.

    If you have used 72Ag28Cu cut wire in the past for brazing the packages frame to base plate and experience number of leaks and re-works, then our Capillary Blocks® product will be an ideal product for you.

    The Capillary Block® is designed to not roll around on the base as the package is being assembled in graphite boats and placed in the belt furnace for reflow. The square design keeps it from rolling around and sits tight into the joint to help aid in the capillary action during reflow. As you might know many hermetic package manufactures shy from using cut wire and use more expensive frame preform to increase yields. 

    Another Capillary Block® attribute is manufacturing turnaround time on production orders, because there’s no tooling required. The average lead times are around 5-7 working days for standard products, so they’re ideal for scale up projects where you need to be economical and quick.

    Our standard dimensions are .030” square and the length can vary from .250” to 1.00”, and we can modify dimensions to best fit your application and meet your braze volume needs. Please feel free to contact me and discuss your application and see how we can help you.