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  • Brook Sandy-Smith: Hi, I'm Brooke Sandy-Smith, a tech support engineer at Indium Corporation and VP of technical programs at SMTA Empire Chapter. 
    I want you to join us for SMTA Empire's Expo and Tech Forum on June 15, 2017, in Syracuse, New York. 
    We'll have three expert presenters to talk about ionic cleanliness of assemblies and incoming parts and boards. Debbie Carboni will be joining us from KYZEN, as well as Mark Northrup from IEC Electronics and I'll be presenting on investigating test methods for electrochemical consistency in PCB assembly processes. 
    There will be more than 30 vendors on site for our tabletop expo showing some of their newest technologies and services. 
    One of the great things about SMTA Empire is that it's a good venue to meet local engineers that are doing the same processes you are, as well as having some industry experts and all of these vendors at one place. 
    So, I hope to see you June 15, 2017 at SMTA Empire's Expo and Tech Forum. 
    For more information, you can visit And, if you're interested in my papers on these topics, visit us at or you can email me directly at