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Learn How AlSiC substrates Offer CTE matching for Thermal Dissipation

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  • Over the past few years, I have been forced to come to terms with my current (and ever-growing) knowledge of “things”. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the engineering veterans who have minds swollen with information following their decades of professional exposure. The key is to admit what you do not know so that you can learn from their explanation, and then chime in when your own expertise fits and appears helpful.

    I am not an expert of all “things.” In fact, I am so terrible at Jeopardy that my husband has developed his own character skit of me “playing” the show (and losing miserably) from my living room couch as he listens in humor from the kitchen. I am an expert in some things though, and these are what I highlight in my thermal blog. 

    This is why I am so excited to see a fellow engineer starting his own thermal blog!! Highlighting his expertise in the thermal benefits of AlSiC, Mark Occhionero describes the usefulness of this material in various applications such as hermetic packages, baseplates for power modules, and lids for microprocessors. 

    AlSiC materials have great thermal conductivity and the ability to shift CTE based on the amount of SiC filler used. This allows for CTE matching of lids to dies, and packages. With CTE-matched substrates, high reliability soldering for bonding and thermal interconnections is a breeze!!