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Power and High Temperature Electronics Manufacturing Experience at SMTAI

  • Indium Corporation

  • I am happy to announce that Indium Corporation will participate in the Power and High Temperature Electronics Manufacturing Experience at SMTAI. This event is coordinated by my good friend, Bob Willis.

    This is the first time at SMTAI that a feature area is entirely dedicated to power electronics and high-temperature manufacturing. The area focuses on a growing marketplace and features products that can withstand operating temperature over 200°C.

    Indium Corporation’s participation is twofold:

    1. I will present Pb-Free Alternatives for High Temperature Soldering on Tuesday, September 30 at 11AM in the Power Electronics and High Temperature area in the exhibit hall. My presentation reviews current legislation calling for more high melting point Pb-free solder alternatives. We will discuss two alternatives: BiAgX®, a new soldering alloy for high temperature applications, and composite preforms.

    2. Our table top exhibit will feature a few of our high temperature products:

    • BiAgX® Solder Paste Technology – a drop-in replacement for high-Pb solder paste. BiAgX is both Pb- and Sb-free, and requires minimal adjustments when converting from a standard high-Pb solder paste-based process.

    BiAgX® is designed to work in high-temperature environments at temperatures in excess of 150°C and creates a solder joint that re-melts at over 260°C.

    • Composite Preforms – made of a high-melting, ductile metal core coated with a low-melting solder. Special laminates are available for high-temperature Pb-free soldering applications, that require a melting temperature of 280°C or higher.

    • High Melting-Point (HMP) Flux-Cored Wire – is perfect for printed circuit boards that require operating temperatures over 150°C. HMP flux-cored wire, optimized for high melting-point alloys, has fast wetting with excellent heat stability, benign no-clean residues, and superior reliability.

    I look forward to seeing you there!

    Best regards,