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Pre-Exhibition Checklist: Minimizing "Last Minute" Anxiety

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    Rick Short Running Through Exhibition Details in Airport.

    Rick Short Running Through Exhibition Details in Airport.

    I am sitting in an airport (cancelled flight, backup flight delayed), on my way to our first big exhibition of the year. As I anticipate hitting the ground running, I am thumbing through my notes and details. While doing this, it occurred to me that there is actually very little in the way of last minute work that needs to, or ever should be, done when it comes to an exhibition. The key to success is to wrap up these details early.

    In my case. these things have been signed, sealed, and delivered long ago:

    • show badge
    • duty roster
    • meeting schedules
    • notifying everyone of the show details (dates, time, locations, address details, etc.)
    • sharing full contact info of all attendees with all attendees and support staff
    • show event schedule shared
    • sharing personal travel details amongst team
    • published helpful "how to" info about the host city, including the best ways to get back and forth from the hotel to the exhibit hall
    • shared maps of the hall, the exhiit area, and the city
    • tracked all shipments to the hotel and the hall (all is well)
    • printed out and carrying all shipping/receipt confirmation details
    • carrying detailed exhibit drawing
    • carrying detailed list of items that I will acquire on location
    • carrying detailed list of items that are contracted for - I know what we rented for the exhibit (and the vendors)
    • carrying contact info for helpful contractors

    By the way, I am NOT this organized. My excellent team of professionals has this information pulled together on an ongoing basis so that it is available as it develops. THEY are the people who make this type of endeavor look easy and run smooth. I want to THANK them all (again) for their expertise, dedication, savvy, and spirit.

    Do you have any pointers to help keep the "last minute" smooth and easy?