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Ronnie Spraker and the World’s Only NanoFoil®/NanoBond® Production Team

Ronnie Spraker is the supervisor of our NanoFoil® production department. Everyday, Ronnie and his team make reactive foils that are used all over the world. In addition to making foil, Ronnie’s team also uses NanoFoil® to NanoBond®sputtering targets – many of which are used in the semiconductor and solar industries.


Making Foil

The NanoFoil® team builds the foil, which (depending on what is ordered) may involve many or all of these steps:

  1. Building the foil layer by layer
  2. Cutting the foil into practical size pieces
  3. Plating the foil
  4. Laser cutting the foil
  5. Quality checks
  6. Packaging the foil to insure safety during transport and handling



The NanoBond® team bonds targets per customer specification. The details of the process change based on the materials selected, but overall it follows these steps:

  1. Incoming inspection of materials
  2. Prepare backing plate and target material with solder
  3. Machine the solder layers flat
  4. Assemble the backing plate, NanoFoil®, and target material
  5. Attach electrodes to foil
  6. Apply a pre-determined amount of pressure
  7. Activate foil
  8. Clean up bond area and excess foil
  9. Quality checks, including ultrasonic testing


I’d like to personally thank Ronnie and the rest of the team for the fine work they do!


Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert