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SMT Wave Soldering: WaveCoach® Helps Optimize Profiling

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    This video is for electronics assembly professionals who are looking to improve their wave soldering processes. It includes tools and resources that will help overcome common challenges.
    Phil Zarrow: Wave soldering: It's been around for over 70 years, just won't go away, and for a lot of people it still causes problems. Dr. Lasky, I understand you've developed a tool that engineers, technicians, and managers can help use to alleviate some of the anxiety caused by wave soldering.
    Dr. Ronald C. Lasky: I'm sure you're not surprised, Phil, when you go out and do audits, that, very seldom does the thermal profile on the wave soldering machine match the flux specifications. So, I developed a software tool in which you enter the values from the flux specification, and the temperature and time values from your thermal profile, and it analyzes these to see if you've matched the flux specification.
    Phil Zarrow: What does the output look like?
    Dr. Ronald C. Lasky: There is a red line and a blue line that are what the flux specification is asking for. Then your thermal input is a green line. As long as the green line is within the red and blue lines, you've matched the flux specification, and you're hopefully on your way to terrific wave soldiering.
    Phil Zarrow: It sounds very straightforward and very useful. Where can we find this tool?
    Dr. Ronald C. Lasky: You find the tool at
    Phil Zarrow: Excellent. Dr. Lasky, thank you very much.


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