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Take the SMT Quiz and Perhaps Win a Prize

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  • Folks:

    Do you know how much copper is in SAC305 solder?

    What about the most typical solder paste powder diameter?

    These questions, and eight others, are part of my newest SMT IQ test, a free multiple-choice quiz to help you measure your SMT knowledge. Share it with your colleagues or on social media, and see who ranks as an SMT Trainee (three correct answers or fewer) all the way up to SMT Guru (for those who achieve a perfect score).

    The quiz can be found here. Five lucky participants will be entered to win a $25 digital gift card. Respondents will have to provide their email address when completing the survey in order to be eligible.

    Good luck on your test, and remember, you can always brush up on your SMT knowledge at my blog.


    Dr. Ron