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The Importance of Tech Services in Electronics Assembly

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  • Tech services in electronic assembly are very important. Most electronic assembly engineers are very busy. It can be very difficult to keep up with the latest trends and solutions to electronic assembly challenges. 
    If some problem arises in the engineer’s assembly line, the engineer may be stumped and frustrated because of a lack of time to devote to solving the problem. A tech services group like Indium Corporation’s may help in these types of situation. The guys and gals in the tech services department are spending most of their time solving problems related to electronic assembly. They are up to speed on most of the solutions to issues that arise at electronic assembly.
    Let's say your process is producing unacceptable voiding. By calling the folks at tech services and discussing your situation, they may likely be able to, at a minimum, narrow your problem down to a few likely causes. They will then suggest a solution or solutions, such as a process adjustment, a new solder paste, or perhaps a preform. Your first thought when faced with an electronic assembly challenge you can't solve, should be to call tech services. R&D fits into this situation too and are equally as important as they're working on future products to meet the needs of the industry. Better electronics material suppliers will have strong tech services and R&D groups.
    It's also important that the material suppliers, tech services and R&D groups are available to communicate with customers. If you have any questions, reach out to the Indium Corporation's tech services team, they're always happy to help. As always, you may contact me at or visit for current papers, blog articles, and information.