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Two NEW products featured at SMTAI 2014

  • Indium Corporation
  • Voiding

  • As with many companies exhibiting at SMTAI, Indium Corporation is featuring several new products that address many of the concerns of our customers. I recently posted about Indium10.1, a Pb-free solder paste that prevents voiding under large components, and we recently introduced RMA-155, a solder paste and flux designed for balanced performance on high-complexity boards with a variety of component sizes. But Indium Corporation is more than just solder paste.

    We also have other forms of solder that will enhance your soldering processes:

    • SACm® , a Mn-doped SAC solder that provides reliability comparable to SAC305 but at a reduced cost.

    • Solder Fortification® preforms , which are pieces shaped alloy metals that are used to increase solder volume above what could be achieved by just using solder paste.

    You can view more information on these products here, or visit Indium Corporation at booth 430 to learn more about our featured products!