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Unique Solderspheres

Solderspheres or solder spheres, or even solder balls: whatever you call them, Indium Corporation has been making them for years and has rightly acquired the reputation for doing whatever it takes to meet our customers' unique needs.

Unique Alloys:

Hard to find alloys (like multipart alloys; low-melting alloys and even gold/tin (80Au/20Sn)) are our bread and butter. As "Indium Corporation" it should be no surprise that we lead the world in our ability to supply low-melting indium-alloy solder spheres, as well as other forms of these alloys, such as engineered solders or solder pastes.

Unique Quantities:

We don't want you to buy more than you absolutely need. If you just want 100 spheres, we can easily do that: if you want more - we can do that, too. But remember that, because each customer's need is unique, our prices may be higher than our competitors, especially for more standard alloys. Some customers also have unique inventory-control needs, so we work with many customers to ship on-demand by retaining a buffer stock of spheres here at Indium.

Unique Sizes:

Our current dimensional capabilities as of this writing are from 80microns to 0.062inches, or even bigger. Generally, the bigger the sphere - the less spherical it is (within the limits of surface tension and viscosity), and we can't control the laws of physics, so instances where a very large amount of solder is needed, a preform may have better dimensional control. Also, notice that we won't ask that you order in a specific unit of diameter measurement, like the mil or the micron or the millimeter: we're a global company - just tell us what you need.

Unique Packaging:

Often needed for more delicate alloy spheres, we can offer specialty overpacking that eliminates oxides from the atmosphere around the solder spheres, essentially stopping oxidation in its tracks. It's the same technique we use to package our soft solder die-attach (SSDA) wire: a technique that showed that the very reactive wire was still "as new" 3 years later. We also offer spheres in tape & reel packaging (see image) for 24mil, 35mil and 62mil diameter spheres.

Unique Tolerances:

Just as a case in point, a MEMS customer of ours had a need for a low-melting indium-alloy solder sphere with a tolerance of +/-5microns (+/-0.005mm) for a sphere with a 350micron diameter. That demands a tolerance of just over 1% - pretty demanding, but we did it.

Our standard tolerance is +/-1mil (1 thousandth of an inch, or 25.4microns), but as you can see, we have the capability to go to much tighter tolerances using three proprietary manufacturing techniques.

Other Needs:

We are also seeing people asking for doped-alloy spheres; low-alpha emission solder spheres and other things that we could never have dreamed of...

So please just let us know what you need. We'd be happy to help out, and if we can not do what you ask - we'll let you know why.

Cheers!  Andy