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Aim To Matter in B2B Marcom

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  • As I wound up a recent interview process, I shared some thoughts with my colleague. I usually keep my advice to myself unless someone asks, or unless the person has particular promise. This man has tremendous promise.

    So, I found myself offering these thoughts:

    Bottom line, we don’t get paid to be "normal." Do NOT be normal. Don't even strive to be “better” than your peers or competition - don’t even THINK about the “competition.” Instead, strive to BLOW AWAY your target audience. Own them! Be their THOUGHT LEADER. Don’t aim to be read, aim to be shared, engaged with, etc. Aim to be invited to speak and to coach. Aim to matter.

    "Aim to matter." I like that.

    It's far from original. This phrase was rolling around in my head after conversing with John Waire of The Wairehouse, and after reading a recent Seth Godin post. They both matter.