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Are you BFR and PVC-Free?

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  • Much of the environmental push toward elimination of halogens is actually NGOs (such as Greenpeace) requesting that the large electronics companies eliminate BFR's, CFR's, and PVC among other potentially toxic materials. Therefore, to comply with the environmental push, halogen-free actually means BFR-, CFR-, and PVC-free.

    On the surface, this seems to be easier for an electronics company. Instead of eliminating all halogens, they only have to eliminate 3 categories of halogen. The reality though is that it could actually mean more work for them. There is no reasonable test method to detect BFR, CFR, and PVC in a material. What companies will do is test each article (or component) for presence of Cl and Br. If there is no Br or Cl, they can confidently state that article is free of BFR, CFR, and PVC. The problem arises if there is Br or Cl present. How can they figure out and confidently state that Cl and Br is NOT from a BFR, CFR, or PVC? Without spending tens of thousands of dollars, they can't.

    Even though companies are targeting BFR, CFR, and PVC-free electronics, the reality is that they will actually be forced to go completely halogen-free. The resulting trend is toward completely halogen-free electronics.