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Avoid The Void®: Indium8.9HF Halogen-free, Pb-free Solder Paste with Andreas Karch

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  • Indium8.9HF’s flux agent system is really what makes the product so special. That’s the big difference between the flux system we had before and that the market had before. The big difference—and this is logical—is that we’ve built in a reoxidation barrier. This allows us to play with the activators a little, as well as with the solvents and thinners in the solder paste, and that makes a very big difference in voiding.
    This also affects electrochemical migration. If you have a high-tech resin system, which protects you from environmental influences, it generates a whole lot of advantages and benefits. One of those benefits, which you can see on the specifications data sheet, is that we have twelve-month storage life in a refrigerator. We have sixty hours service life on the stencil, which really is a long time, and no problems are created by humidity in the air. This is all solved by the new flux agent system, especially from the reoxidation barrier from the resin in the flux agent system. That’s the really big differentiator. And we see this in our results. We also have very good results in terms of ionic contamination. It all depends on the flux.
    It’s all a function of the flux, the flux agent system in the Indium8.9HF. It’s a very robust system. It’s independently qualified in the automotive world. So, contact us and try Indium8.9HF. It really is a giant step forward in terms of paste handling and reliability. As a result of the high-power density in automotive electronics, many applications need a very good heat dissipation system—a way of cooling. That's why everyone is talking about voiding.
    And, we know that with the Indium8.9HF flux agent system, we are making great contributions toward void reduction. We also know, of course, that many factors play a role in voiding. And that’s one point: This reoxidation barrier, this adapted flux agent system, will help you reduce voiding in conjunction with all other influencing factors, with which you are surely familiar.  And, we would be very happy to offer you technical support to help you reduce your voiding.
    If you want to find out more about Indium8.9HF’s flux agent system, for example, what alloys are possible, what particle sizes are possible, what would be best for your own particular applications, please contact me or my colleagues. We are a global company, with locations all over the world; we can provide support to your colleagues in Asia or Mexico. That’s our job— providing you with excellent technical support.
    Please contact us at, or contact me directly at We will happily find a solution for your applications.