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Avoiding the Void in Flux-Cored Solder Wire

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  • My colleague, Eric Bastow, participated in a video centered on voiding in flux-cored solder wire a few years ago; the information he presented is still very relevant today. 

    Why is it important to Avoid the Void? 

    A void in flux-cored wire will result in poor soldering performance because the flux was not present to clean the oxides off of the surface being soldered to. This can cause a number of soldering defects that any process engineer would rather avoid.

    A key feature of Indium Corporation’s flux-cored wire is that we guarantee no flux voids within the wire.  By no voiding, we mean that there will not be a stretch of wire that does not contain any flux.

    How does Indium Corporation prevent flux voids in the wire? 

    To put it simply: first-class process control and flux formulation.  First, we ensure that the process used to add the flux into the wire works properly. Indium Corporation uses only high quality materials and processes to assure the flux is clean and completely present. Next, we control the equipment parameters to ensure the flux doesn’t outgas, thus creating a gas bubble in the wire. Lastly, we monitor the process parameters the process to make sure the flux remains in perfect condition. All three of these steps are critical for ensuring that the cored wire contains no voids.

    To learn more about Indium Corporation’s flux cored wire product line, please click on this link or email me directly at  I look forward to hearing from you.