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Being Data Driven

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  • Folks,

    The longer I am in industry, academia and life in general, I am convinced that making data driven decisions it a fundamental to success.

    In addition to archery, I am a fair golfer (I can "break 80" on a good day.) In spite of this modest success, I have always been disappointed that I don't hit the ball far (tee shot = 240-250 yards). Recently I purchased a radar device that measures golf club head swing speed. My interest in golf has been reborn! I can now measure my progress in improving my swing speed and hence greater driving distance. I now hit the longest drives in my life. I now have a data driven golf improvement program.

    This data driven approach is even more important in our drive (pun intended) to establish best of breed processes. We need to measure our performance and use the tools of a good Six Sigma program to improve and monitor our results. In light of this perspective, I was recently dismayed to see that less than 20% of Six Sigma programs, teach all of the tools to help their students succeed in their process, design, etc continuous improvement programs. Over 80% of Six Sigma students don't have the tools to be "data driven!"

    Be sure to do some research on any potential Six Sigma program you might take, to assure that you can solve re-world problems with the tools taught at the course.


    Dr. Ron