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Increase Packing Density for Evaporation Crucibles

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  • In an evaporative deposition process, source material is evaporated and then condensed onto a substrate which is being coated. One of the common uses that our solar team encounters is the deposition of indium (provided as shot) for CIG thin film technology.


    It’s an easy concept: if you can fit more indium shot in a given crucible, the evaporation process can run for a longer period of time before material needs to be added. The traditional form of solder shot is a teardrop shape, which is easy to produce as a bulk form of solder. 



    A newer version of shot is now available without the tail, we call this ‘round’ or ‘tailless’ shot. This material is similar to solder spheres, but not as precisely spherical. Compared to traditional shot, round shot offers a packing density increase of 15% - 20%. This means you can fit more source material in a given crucible, which can keep your evaporation process running longer, more efficiently, and more profitably.