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Naming Your Baby

  • Flux
  • Indium Corporation

  • Being part of new product development sometimes involves coming up with an appropriate title for the new flux, underfill, or alloy that is ready to face the world. In the same way that you would think of a great name for your child, your product will also grow into it’s name – the product’s name is also important. A product name that is a visual alpha-numeric soup will do as much harm as naming your bouncing baby boy Susan. I believe consistency, simplicity and significance are the 3 parts of a good product name.

    Consistency unifies product sets and minimizes confusion. Simplicity gives your product a verbal and literal handle that makes day-to-day communication easier. Significance drives clarity, even if this is only for internal usage. The perfect product name should be easy to say or write, and should communicate important aspects of the product.

    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert