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SMTAI 2014 - Technical Conference Participation

SMTA International (SMTAI) will be held in Rosemont, Illinois, September 30 through October 1, 2014.

I am very excited about the show as I am exhibiting for the first time as the product manager for PCB solder paste for Indium Corporation. I am also co-chair the PCB Component/Connector Rework – From Small to Large session (SMT3).

Joining me as session chairs are Tim Jensen, product manager for engineered solders, and Eric Bastow, Assistant Technical Manager.

If you are planning to attend the show, I would encourage you to attend these presentations at the technical conference.

  • Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee, vice president of technology

    • Low Porosity Pressureless Sintering of Novel Nano-Ag Paste for Die-Attach

    • Reliability of PCB Solder Joints Assembled with SACm® Solder Paste

  • Tim Jensen, product manager for engineered solders

    • Advancement of Preform Technology to Reduce QFN Voiding

  • Ron Lasky, senior technologist

    • Risk and Mitigation for Tin Pest and Tin Whiskers

    • A New Approach to Comparing Weibull Curves

  • Dr. RunSheng Mao, research metallurgist

    • Complicated Board Programming for Automated Printed Solder Paste Inspection Without CAD Data File

Additionally, if you want to learn more about low temperature solders, you will not want to miss Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee’s professional development course on the Properties and Applications of Low Temperature Solders (read more about the course here).  

If you see me at the show (we’re at booth #430) or come to my technical session, please come up and say hello. I love to talk to my readers and to learn more about your assembly problems.

Click here to learn more about what we’re doing at SMTAI.