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Solving Solder Starvation in SMT Electronics Assembly

Solder starvation is a serious electronics assembly issue - with a very simple solution.

Solder starvation occurs when adequate volumes of solder are not available to effect a perfectly-shaped solder joint. The consequences include:

  • weak solder joint strength
  • open solder joints
  • intermittent short circuits
  • reduced first-pass yields
  • increased inspection
  • increased rework
  • field failures
  • damage to your company's brand & image
  • reduced sales and profits

Frequently, solder starvation occurs in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) when solder paste deposits are inadequate.  This happens because: 

  • Solder Fortification® preforms packed in tape & reel packaging, for use in existing SMT production lines.The single-thickness stencil is designed for the majority of smaller components, starving the few larger components of solder volume.
  • High-use interfaces, such as connectors and USB ports, require extra solder - to assure their solder joints survive the constant use in the field.
  • Smaller, more tightly compacted circuit boards don't allow for deposition of enough solder paste.

So, how do you solve this increasingly common problem without impacting your process or your cost? 

Solder Fortification® preforms are the simple answer:

  • You can add solder just where you need it without overprinting solder paste or working with step stencils.
  • Preforms deliver precise, repeatable volumes of solder.
  • Preforms can be added during your existing SMT process with existing pick & place equipment.
  • Preforms eliminate the need for rework or hand soldering at the end of the process.

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Carol Gowans
Market Manager