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Test your SMT IQ to See if You Are Ready to Go Back to Your Campus

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  • Folks,

    Do you know the answers to the questions below?

    •            What is closest, by percent weight, of most solder metals in solder paste (See Figure 1)?

    •            What is HASL?

    •            What is the approximate cost of silver per troy ounce?

    If so, you might be an "A student” who can potentially be listed on “Dean’s List”! See how you scored with this free, 10-question SMT IQ test, designed to help you measure your readiness to go back to your work campus.

    Figure 1. What percent, by weight, is the metal in a typical solder paste as shown here. 

    You will be ranked from President’s List (perfect score) down to Repeat the Course (for those who score three or fewer correct responses). Upon completion of the quiz, you’ll be able to download a badge that you can share on social media to encourage the competition among your “classmates”.

    The quiz can be found here. Five lucky participants will be entered to win a $25 digital gift card. Respondents must provide their email address when completing the survey in order to be eligible.

    Good luck on your test and remember: you can always brush up on  your SMT knowledge using my blog, the InSIDER Series, and Indium Corporation's vast library online.


    Dr. Ron