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Indium Corporation Features High-Purity Indium at SVC

April 19, 2016

Indium Corporation will feature its high-purity indium at the Society of Vacuum Coaters 2016 Technical Conference (SVC TechCon) May 9-13 in Indianapolis, Ind.

High-purity indium is refined using advanced processes that are controlled with rigorous quality standards. Purity is verified using advanced analytical instrumentation such as inductively coupled plasma (ICP) and glow discharge mass spec (GDMS) to ensure consistent product quality from lot to lot.

High-purity indium is the starting material in a variety of applications, including indium-based compound semiconductors that are used to manufacture ultra-high efficiency photovoltaic solar cells, infrared detectors, infrared LEDs, high-speed data lasers and electronic switching applications where silicon-based devices are not suitable.

High-purity indium is also used to produce single-crystal boules, which are sliced into wafers and fabricated into individual semiconductor devices. It is also used as the source material for semiconductor epitaxial layering using liquid phase, vapor phase, or molecular beam epitaxy.

Indium Corporation manufactures high-purity indium in grades 6N (99.9999%), 6N5 (99.99995%), and 7N (99.99999%) in a variety of forms, including shot and ingot of different sizes and weights.

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