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Ultralow Residue Flip-Chip Fluxes: Semicon Taiwan

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  • It's often helpful to overhear good things being said about you. I attended a supplier meeting in Los Angeles in March, and overheard two senior engineers discussing no-clean fluxes. "Who is the best?" asked one. "Oh, definitely Indium Corporation." said the other, without a hint of hesitation. You may be aware that from our close association with customers, equipment partners, co-suppliers, and industry associations, we are continually developing industry-leading materials. With the growing emphasis on low and ultralow residue no-clean flip-chip fluxes, Indium Corporation is fast becoming the leading supplier of advanced technology in this area.

    The switch from cleaning to no-clean is driven, of course, by the increasing fragility of the increasingly fine-pitch thinned package, which can no longer be reliably cleaned of flip-chip flux residues without the potential for significant joint damage and subsequent yield loss. Below is a slide taken from a paper that Indium Corporation presented at the Semicon Taiwan (September 3-5, 2014) Advanced Packaging Technology Symposium where we discuss the development of our increasing portfolio of no-clean fluxes for both flip-chip and MEMS applications to meet industry roadmap challenges and to enable our customers' transitions from cleaning to no-clean assembly processes. The paper, written by SzePei Lim, Jason Chou, Maria Durham, and Dr Andy Mackie, also discusses the variety of new and emerging failure modes for new packaging processes using thinned die with copper-pillar / microbumps, on low-CTE, -layer-count substrates.