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SACm Lead-Free Solder Paste

  • 2016 College Interns
  • For many years lead was present in many devices used in everyday life; from electronics to medical devices. Lead was used because it was the best material for the job until it was discovered that lead caused serious health effects. Once it became clear that lead was very bad for our health the industry sought to come up with viable alternatives.

    Here at Indium Corporation, the SACm solder paste was developed. The idea was to find alloys that could be easily substituted into processes that previously required lead. The dilemma faced in this process was how to counteract the trade-off between the drop shock resistance and thermal cycling reliability of these different alloys. Once fully developed and tested, the solder alloy paste is used on circuit boards found in many electronic devices such as cellphones and laptops. The Indium Corporation enjoys great success in developing lead-free solder alloys.