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High-Reliability... What Do We Want?

So I have run into a problem with the phrase "High-Reliability" recently. By that I mean there have been several situations where I said "high-reliability," someone else has too, and then we find out a half hour or 10+ emails later that we aren't really talking about the same thing. So... yes, a problem. 

Part of the issue is that despite there being different types of reliability (even in the same industry!) "reliability," by virtually any definition, is a good thing, and "high-reliability" is better. I mentioned the definition in my blog post about Indalloy®292 - an alloy designed to last even under extremely challenging temperature conditions from -40 to +150℃. But you know what? We also have other blog posts about separate products, industries, and topics which all reference "high-reliability"!

So, what do we do?  We need to remind ourselves, our coworkers, industry partners, suppliers, and customers that looking for "high-reliability" is the beginning of a conversation, not the end of one. If you have any questions, our team here at Indium Corporation is here to help find the right solution for your reliability challenge. 

PS: Who knew how important language and linguistics were going to be in materials science? Fun fact - the word solder comes from the Latin "solidus" or "solidere," meaning "to make solid".