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Indium Corporation Technical Papers at SMTAI

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  • In this video, Brook Sandy-Smith, Technical Support Engineer for PCB Assembly Materials, and Miloš Lazić, Technical Support Engineer, preview Live@SMTAI and Indium Corporation papers featured at SMTA International in Rosemont, Illinois.

    Brook Sandy-Smith: Coming soon, October 14- 18, visit with Indium Corporation engineers and industry experts at SMTAI in Rosemont, Illinois.

    Miloš Lazić: This year, we are bringing Live@SMTAI to conference attendees. In collaboration with our industry partners, show floor demonstrations will give you a first-hand look at the performance of our high-reliability PCB assembly materials in real time throughout the show floor.

    Brook Sandy-Smith: You can also find us at the technical conference where we have a wide range of papers related to the hottest topics in the industry, including: low-temperature solder materials, reflow profiling for enhanced SAC alloys related to the automotive industry, process and materials interaction investigation, which is the second part in a series, and papers related to reliability through iNEMI projects.

    Miloš Lazić: Make sure to visit us at booth 523 and look for our products as you walk throughout the show.

    Brook Sandy-Smith: And come see my panel discussion on the rising expectations for reliability in electronics. You can find details on that session, and the others that I've mentioned in this video, on You can also find details on our website

    Miloš Lazić & Brook Sandy-Smith: We hope to see you there.