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Sean McKenna: Preventative Maintenance Intern

  • 2016 College Interns
  • Hello,

    As this internship progresses I will be posting on my experience and documenting my progress, so it is prudent that I first introduce myself.

    My name is Sean McKenna and I am a Chemical Engineering student currently transferring to Clarkson University as a junior (I completed my first two years of college at Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC)).  I have been brought on by Indium as a Preventative Maintenance Intern under Jim Wolber. This position entails that I will be developing preventative maintenance protocol on our production equipment in pursuit of our TS certification. The scope of this project is rather daunting and most likely cannot be completed in 10 weeks, but nonetheless I will try.

    I am sort of a “perennial intern” here at Indium, so this experience is not completely alien to me. I started my first internship at the Indium Corporation two days after graduating from high school. Then I worked in the EH&S department where I helped to bring our safety data sheet library up to GHS standards. The next summer I worked under John Sovinsky as an Industrial Engineering Intern where I performed time studies and worked on streamlining initiatives in our solder paste manufacturing department. I was also brought back during both of my winter breaks. For one I worked on the production line at Indium's BPD facility, and the other I worked in our Purchasing Department at our ECD facility.

    Outside of what I have done within the corporation, my life has been divided into two separate parts; academics and athletics. I have competed as an athlete my entire life, being on the football, wrestling, and track teams in high school. My passion was wrestling in which I competed internationally, having trained in the Middle East and competed in Europe, as well as in the USA. This passion has since driven me to train and compete in MMA (mixed martial arts).

    The academic side of my life didn’t really begin until I started college but I have since become a major nerd, being fascinated by physics, chemistry, and even mathematics. I graduated from MVCC with a 3.75 GPA and intend to do better at Clarkson.

    These facets of my life take up most of my time, but I fill the rest with the work from a landscaping business that that my 3 brothers and I run, spending time with friends, playing the piano, and binging on Netflix.

    All the best,

    Sean McKenna