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Using Solder Fortification® in Through-Hole Component Applications

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  • So far, I have covered an overview of Indium’s Solder Fortification product line along with a few applications (QFN voiding, edge connectors, and RF shield connectors). Now, I’m back to cover another application: adding solder volume to through-hole solder joints.

    Through-hole solder joints are formed by wave soldering, which is an additional manufacturing process that carries with it added cost to the assembler.  Solder paste used to form the solder joint can reverse the assembler’s efficiency woes, but not without drawbacks of its own.  It is often difficult to print enough solder paste to completely fill the hole and ensure maximum reliability.  Adding Indium’s Solder Fortification preforms to the paste can help to fill the void left by using solder paste on its own.

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