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What's Your Favorite……TIM?

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  • At some point in our lives each of us has played the What's your favorite game. Whats your favorite sport? Whats your favorite.Ice cream? Well, I want to play the, Whats your favorite TIM material game.

    I have worked with quite a few types of TIM materials in my lab testing, but surely not as many as my readers. Therefore, Id like to know what materials you are using and why. What makes them your favorite?

    All Answers are appreciated. There is no wrong answer.

    It is probably only fair if I begin this forum with a note on my favorite TIM. For many reasons, but most certainly its ease of application and removal, my favorite TIM material is the pure indium Heat Spring. Just like a piece of aluminum foil, an indium preform can be cleanly applied as a preform and cleanly peeled back just as easily.