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  • I have enjoyed writing the Patty and the Professor blog for about 10 years now. I’ve written about numerous real-life electronics assembly examples that I have encountered in my career, all disguised, of course.

    To continue keeping things real, and to keep my readers involved, I am inviting you to submit an authentic story from your career. That's right! You're being invited to submit an idea, story, or experience that can be built into the Patty & The Professor series.

    Your experience will help many other electronics assembly practitioners resolve their issues and avoid problems.

    So, get your thoughts together, then shoot me an email at Share the details of your experience or observation. I may ask a few questions to help me comprehend the full story. Then, I will write up the segment and let you read it before posting. You will be credited, of course.

    BONUS: You will also receive either a Dartmouth hat or coffee mug (similar to, not exactly like, those pictured below)!


    Contact me if you are interested in submitting a story. I look forward to hearing from you!


     Dr. Ron