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Align Your B2B Marcom Claims With Your Performance

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  • It is critical for your B2B Marcom materials to align with the performance and capabilities of your products and services - as well as with the expectations of your customers (which you help create). If they don't you will disillusion your customers (internal and external). 

    If you are fortunate enough to be a truly meaningful part of people's lives, and if you disappoint your customers, their wrath may be quite serious - as in the case of "Mousetrap Never Works". This is a B2C example of just how motivated a disappointed customer can become - and how easy it is for a customer to do an excellent job of both expressing and sharing their frustrations. In essence, Hell hath no fury like that of an enthused customer disappointed.

    Our jobs do NOT require us to underpromise and overdeliver, nor do they demand us to "puff" each of our claims. We really need to focus on accuracy, honesty, and integrity. In the end, the choice is yours ... and your customers'.