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Indium Corporation Launches Rel-ion™ Technology for e-Mobility

May 3, 2022

With its significant automotive industry expertise and an award-winning portfolio of proven products, Indium Corporation® is announcing a line of material solutions for e-Mobility. The Rel-ion™ suite of electrical, mechanical, and thermal solutions are designed to be reliable, scalable, and proven materials, reducing electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers' time to market.

As multiple new EV-only automakers have emerged in recent years—due in part to lower cost of entry, climate change, and environmental government policies—it has created a demand to launch new competitive EVs that didn’t exist within the legacy original equipment manufacturer (OEM) marketplace. In this rapidly-expanding EV market, reliability and reduced time to market will take the front seat as key differentiators between the many product offerings now available from EV start-ups and legacy manufacturers.

“We at Indium Corporation have created a suite of products under the Rel-ion™ banner that must meet three very important criteria,” said Brian O’Leary, global head of e-Mobility and infrastructure. “First—they’re reliable. They are designed to meet the higher quality standards that meet the higher demands of automotive electrification. Second—they’re scalable. They are readily available and capable of meeting supply chain expectations. Finally—they’re proven. Most of Indium Corporation’s Rel-ion™ products have more than a decade of running inside of EVs. Our customers have confidence that the product will work, confidence that they can get enough of it to meet demand, and the peace of mind that comes with using proven material solutions.”

More than 2 million EVs are on the street with Indium Corporation’s Rel-ion™ suite of products. Rel-ion™ material solutions deliver reliability by:

  • Eliminating non-wet opens and head-in-pillow defects
  • Preventing dendritic growth by meeting stricter surface insulation resistance requirements
  • Preventing solder delamination with precise bondline control and increased creep and fatigue resistance
  • Reducing hot spots-induced voiding through improved thermal efficiency

Some of the products available include:

  • Award-winning Durafuse™ LT, a patented mixed-alloy technology that provides superior drop shock performance to conventional low-temperature solders, outclassing BiSn or BiSnAg alloys, and performing better than SAC305 with optimum process setup.
  • The Indium8.9HF Solder Paste Series, an industry-proven solder paste series that delivers no-clean, halogen-free solutions designed to enhance electrical reliability, improve stability during the printing process, and deliver low-voiding for high-reliability automotive electronics.

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Indium Corporation has also expanded its free InSIDER Series of webinars to include the Driving e-Mobility: Rel-ion™ Technical Webinars. This new series features global industry technical experts in advanced materials and the automotive market with all sessions moderated by O’Leary. This series of webinars is intended specifically for those involved in the field of e-Mobility, whether new to the industry or with several years of experience as the EV industry undergoes rapid growth and evolution.

Upcoming sessions in the Driving e-MobilityRel-ion™ Technical Webinar series are:

  • June 28: Building More Reliable Assemblies for Higher Mission Profiles presented by Technical Manager for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East Karthik Vijay
  • Sept. 21: Design Considerations for Board Layout & Material Selection co-presented by Associate Director for Global Technical Service & Application Engineering Jonas Sjoberg Applications Engineer – Design for Excellence Specialist Ângelo Marques
  • Oct. 12: Best Practices for SMT Assembly & Root Cause Analysis presented by Principal Engineer – Global Accounts Technical Manager Dave Sbiroli

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