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Bryan; The Semiconductor Assembly Materials Intern

  • 2017 College Interns
  • Greetings,

                    My name is Bryan Stokes-Cawley and I am the 2017 Indium Corporation Semiconductor Assembly Materials College Intern. I am extremely honored and excited to have this great opportunity to work and learn at Indium Corporation. It is hard to believe it has already been a week. This first week has been great and I have felt comfortable from day one; everyone is friendly and helpful. Importantly, I have also learned so much already. I’m so excited to be here and have this opportunity, and I know the rest of the summer can only get better.

    My journey to Indium Corporation is a bit different from the other interns. I am currently pursuing my masters in chemical engineering at Syracuse University. I finished my undergraduate degree from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania in 2014 before working as an analytical chemist in an environmental testing lab for two years. The work was repetitive and I craved more, so I decided that I wanted to be a part of making something new, solving the world’s issues, or at least solving problems of some sort. Therefore, I returned home to Syracuse and started school, changing to engineering, eventually leading me here, to Indium Corporation.

    A little more about myself. I grew up in Skaneateles NY, graduating from Skaneateles High School in 2010. I like to be active and play sports, including soccer, golf and running. I have a twin brother, who has made me very competitive, fueling my sports and academics. I enjoy reading and watching TV, mostly comedies and sci-fi thrillers. My newest hobby is brewing my own beer, which I am very excited about. I recently opened my first batch to very drinkable results. Overall, I like to be active and have fun.

    This summer I wanted to work in an exciting field and learn from someone knowledgeable. I also desired to be an active, contributing member of a company. Being a few years older and having work experience, I couldn’t accept a position where most of my job was busy work, running errands, or filing papers. I needed to be invested in a project, to get my hands dirty doing something I found interesting that would advance my career. Indium Corporation was the perfect fit. I have already been in the lab, literally getting my hands dirty, where I have learned new techniques and skills along with setting the basis for my own project that will, hopefully, help the company. And, it’s only been one week!

    The first week has been great. Meeting new people, getting my own desk, phone, business cards, and adapting to and learning new things. It has been a fantastic start and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer holds. I will be writing weekly, so stay tuned throughout the summer to learn more about my experience here at Indium Corporation.


    Bryan Stokes-Cawley