Indium Corporation introduces the Indium8.9 Solder Paste Series, which includes Indium8.9HFA and Indium8.9HF-1. These Pb-free and halogen-free solder pastes eliminate graping, head-in-pillow, and QFN defects.

Indium8.9HFA delivers unsurpassed print transfer efficiency to eliminate the insufficient. It also has excellent response-to-pause printing, as well as low voiding (<5%) over many different profiles when soldering BGAs with via-in-pad technology.

Both solder pastes offers a very robust processing window that can minimize potential defects as well as accommodate various board sizes and throughput requirements.

Indium8.9HF-1 Solder Paste is extremely thermally stable and is designed to maintain a soft, pliable residue after reflow. This means easier probe-testability and fewer false rejects and clogged probes during in-circuit testing.

Overall, the Indium8.9 Solder Paste series provides superior performance characteristics that increase customers' cost savings and finished goods reliability.

Indium will be exhibiting at Booth 1A48.

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