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Amanda Hartnett

Indium Corporation Technology Expert Presenting at IMAPS New England Conference

April 12, 2012

Indium Corporation Northeast Technical Support Engineer Amanda Hartnett will present her technical findings at IMAPS NE 39th Symposium & Expo on May 8, 2012, in Boxborough, Mass.

Amanda's presentation, Applications for Soft Metal Alloy TIMs for Flangeless RF Power Amplifier Package Mounting, will identify thermal, mechanical, and assembly benefits seen with the application of these soft metal alloy thermal interface materials (SMA TIM) for high-power RF devices.

Amanda will also present A Comparison of Eutectic AuSn Alloy Delivery Options and Assembly Processes for LED Die-Attachment. This paper compares die-attachment methods using various forms of AuSn solder, including solder preforms, solder paste, and pre-deposits of plated AuSn that were placed/dispensed and reflowed using Palomar Technologies' die bonder and a Pulse Heat System (PHS). These methods and materials find relevance in die-attachment of high-power, high-brightness LEDs.

Amanda provides advice on thermal design issues in many different industries, including communications, military, and photonics. Amanda specializes in coaching manufacturing, process, and design engineers on their choice and application of solder interface materials and other bonding materials to achieve reliable and high-performance thermal attachment solutions.

Amanda has presented at industry technical seminars and authored technical papers on thermal management and microelectronics packaging materials. She is active in several industry organizations including SPIE and IMAPS, as well as industry-leading DARPA projects.

Amanda has a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Utica College and is completing her graduate degree at the State University of New York Institute of Technology. Amanda is based at Indium Corporation's global headquarters in Clinton, NY. She also authors a technology blog, which can be found at

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