Availability of Indium

Indium is Abundant

Indium is abundant.

Indium supply is stable.

Primary sourcing for indium occurs in some of the world’s most stable political climates.

Indium Trichloride
Indium Trichloride

The majority of the indium in the world is used in ITO (indium-tin oxide), which functions as a transparent conductor in modern flat-panel LCD (liquid crystal display) screens. Because of the phenomenal growth of the LCD market over the last decade, many continually question the future availability of indium metal.

There is no shortage of indium, and known reserves are available to supply the world markets for many, many decades. This fact is supported by the following third-party sources:

  • Future increases in indium production are expected to be easily accomplished "...indium can enjoy virtually infinite growth in use without supply limitations." – Indium Geology, Mineralogy, and Economics (2002), Ulrich Schwartz-Schampera & Peter M. Herzig.
  • According to a U.S. Geologic Survey (USGS) report indium is abundant "in the Earth’s crust at an estimated 240 parts per billion by weight. This makes it about three times more abundant than silver..."
  • Another U.S. Geologic Survey report stated, "The world reserve base for indium is estimated to be about 5,700 t, which is far in excess of probable consumption over the next several decades... The sustainable production and consumption of indium appears to be no impediment in future years."

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Versatile. Conductive. Malleable.

Because of its unique properties with virtually limitless applications, indium is literally all around us.

In addition to solder alloys, thermal interfaces, and solar cells, indium is used in many other applications that you may not be aware of. Almost all flat screens use indium-tin oxide – you could be looking through up to 4 layers of indium to read this page. Indium is also used to bond non-metallic surfaces, create quantum dots, and build stretchable electrical circuits.