Indium Corporation’s Sze-Pei Lim, technical manager for Southeast Asia, and Jonas Sjoberg, technical consultant for the Asia-Pacific region, will share their expertise at the 36th International Electronics Manufacturing Technology (IEMT) Conference Nov. 11-13 in Johor, Malaysia.

Copper-pillar/solder micro bump is emerging as a standard flip-chip solder bump replacement – from standard chip-attach to power devices using flip-chip on leadframe. Sze Pei’s presentation, Ultra-Low Residue Semiconductor Fluxes Enabling Embedded and Low Form Factor Flip-Chip Assembly, addresses this trend with data that shows design and critical-to-functionality criteria that are driving the adoption of ultra-low residue flux in large-scale customer production using dipping applications.

The vulnerability to drop failure of area array packages in portable devices, such as BGA, CSP, or PoP has called for reinforcement of those packages when assembled onto a PCB. While underfilling is regarded as one of the solutions, epoxy flux comes out as the top solution for low-cost high-reliability SMT assembly solutions. Sjoberg’s presentation, A Novel Epoxy Flux on Solder Paste for Assembling Thermally Warped PoP, discusses a novel epoxy flux, EF-A, which possesses a well-engineered miscibility between epoxy and no-clean solder paste flux systems.

Sze Pei manages the company’s technical teams throughout the Asia-Pacific region. She earned her bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the National University of Singapore, and has 17 years of experience in the SMT and PCB assembly industries. Sze Pei is an SMTA-certified process engineer and has earned her Six Sigma Green Belt. She joined Indium Corporation in 2007.

Jonas provides technical support to key customers. He has more than 20 years of technical experience in the electronics industry, including deployment of leading-edge technologies for packaging and assembly, launching and managing research and development projects and facilities, and serving as a technical advisor to development and manufacturing sites wordwide.

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