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A review of my interview with Jim Hisert

  • 2016 College Interns
  • Hi,

    Last week I was interviewed by Jim Hisert as part of a series of interviews he is posting about, highlighting our interns.  For this post, I will review that interviewing process.

    Jim has a unique style of interviewing which I really liked; he does everything over email. This not only allowed me to answer at my leisure, but also allowed me to think about the question and formulate my response. This was appropriate for the circumstances because the result of the interview is, in essence, a promotion of me.

    When people become nervous for traditional interviews, these fears often stem from or are correlated to; being face-to-face, pressure to provide a rapid response, being caught “off-guard” by a question, etc. Performing the interview over email completely eliminates all of those concerns.

    Naturally, a traditional interview has its place; however, in a less than formal situation like this one, I would much prefer to do it as Jim does.

    Until next time,

    Sean McKenna